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I am here to listen from you deliver exellence

Being Geospatial enthusiast, i want to learn much more about the latest geospatial technologies. With the research interest of geospatial data analysis, interpretation and visualization, one day perhaps will be able to give big impact to society, nations & humanity itself.
I work as data scientist as well. I plan to share the knowledge of data science which i have thorough this blog. Data science can be utilized in spatial sector as well. It is continously being developed and I would just like to contribute in any ways i can.

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GIS-Application Development

We work on GIS web application development based upon Django, Openlayers, leaflet. If you are interested in discussing in any projects involving web application developement, you can contact us.

GIS Data Analysis

We also provide service for general GIS data analysis, hydrological modelling, image analysis based on GIS software or google earth engine platform. We also provide training for GIS softwares, hydrological modelling, google earth engine platform.

Artificial Intiligence for spatial sector

We are currently working on automation of some manual task that requires alot of human effort. We are also exploring the possible application of AI technologies in geospatial Sectors.